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Adjustable Framing Bracket
Adjustable Framing Bracket

An innovative, high quality, stainless steel (316) material, and user "friendly" product that in turn saves you time, cost, and effort when covering boats during the the winter/off season.

As all pleasure and commercial boaters know, the chore of framing and covering a boat for the off-season is expensive, difficult, and time consuming. The Adjustable Framing Bracket makes the annual design and assembly of assorted materials for framework easy.

The Adjustable Framing Bracket simply and quickly attaches to your boat's standard 1" and 7/8" O.D. stanchions or rails. Using flexible support ribs (3/4" I.D. Electrical PVC Pipe) or 3/4" EMT Conduit, an adaptable frame is easily constructed. Refer to the installation instructions for more detailed information regarding the framing process.

Adjustable Framing Bracket Adjustable Framing Bracket Adjustable Framing Bracket

Horizontal Mounting - See item 1 and photo above-left.

Vertical Mounting - See item 2 and photo at top of page.

Important Product Features:

  • Rubber inserts to protect mounting to S.S. stanchions.
  • S.S. cap screws and Allen wrench for tightening.
  • S.S. gear teeth for adjustability in forward/aft and side to side directions.
  • Horizontal, vertical and angled stanchion mounting.
  • Set screw tightening for flexible support rib inserts.
  • Drain hole for condensation build-up.
  • Provides a standardized method for covering virtually any boat.
  • Has been awarded a United States Patent.

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DRB Innovators, LLC is a Connecticut based company created with the purpose to standardize a boat framing system that would help power boat and sailboat owners in the assembly and setup of their boat cover or shrink wrap frames. Using our unique stainless steel framing bracket, our boat framing system makes easy work of preparing your motor boat or sailboat for winterization. In addition to adjustable framing and mounting bracket, our line of stainless steel marine hardware, boating products and accessories can be used for a vaiety of applications, including: Flag Pole Holder, Cup Holder, Drink Holder, Solar Panel Mounting, Dockline Holder, Horseshoe Buoy Holder, Light Holder, GPS Mount, Antenna Mount, etc.