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Universal Mounting Bracket
Universal Mounting Bracket

This product offers an efficient solution to mounting needs such as flagpoles, grill mounts, rail and dodger extensions, sun shades, bimini's, mid rails, etc. Refer to the photo below and in the application photo's section. Without the insert, the bracket will fit 1.25" stanchion/rails.

Dimensional Data:

- Will accept 1" O.D. products.

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DRB Innovators, LLC is a Connecticut based company created with the purpose to standardize a boat framing system that would help power boat and sailboat owners in the assembly and setup of their boat cover or shrink wrap frames. Using our unique stainless steel framing bracket, our boat framing system makes easy work of preparing your motor boat or sailboat for winterization. In addition to adjustable framing and mounting bracket, our line of stainless steel marine hardware, boating products and accessories can be used for a vaiety of applications, including: Flag Pole Holder, Cup Holder, Drink Holder, Solar Panel Mounting, Dockline Holder, Horseshoe Buoy Holder, Light Holder, GPS Mount, Antenna Mount, etc.