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It's always nice to hear positive feedback from satisfied customers. Here are just a few of the letters and emails we've received recently:

M & J Gray:
First, I apologize for not sending images of some of the ways we used your products aboard our sail boat "Destiny", aboard which we are offshore cruising. The pictures attached are how we used them to mount solar panels. Please feel free to use us as a reference...to potential customers or current customers wanting more specifics on how we utilized your mounts.

Boat Products Application Photos Boat Products Application Photos

R. Cassano:
I have some of your brackets on the boat and they are outstanding.

R. Lamey:
Liked the mounts. Actually in the process of ordering a 3rd.

E. Pohling:
Excellent quality and a fair price. Thank You.

D. Gingras:
Thanks for the great product. I'm surprised that I don't see more boats with this great product. Here are a couple of photo's of the mounts using 2 80 Watt Solar Panels over my dodger.

Boat Products Application Photos Boat Products Application Photos

L. Pagliuso:
Last September, I was looking for a bracket to affix to our boat to hold a light which we were lacking, and because a new canvas was put on the fly bridge, no application was right to satisfy the maritime rules. I contacted your company by fax then received a very informative phone call an ordered the bracket. It was late in the season, and because a friend of mine needed time to fabricate the light, we only installed it last month. It works great and looks good too. Thanks Again.

R. Byrnes:
This is my second season using the adjustable brackets, and I am very pleased with the product.

B. Taggart:
We really like your bracket. We ended up putting the panels on top of our dodger. But now we are adding two more, so we added rails and now we are ready to use your great brackets.

B. Roge:
Thanks, A very good product.

B. Weeks:
I was extremely impressed with the quality of these brackets and the speed and ease of delivery. They meet my requirements exactly.

E. Schoerner:
Beautiful product that works exactly as I needed it to.

S. Huntoon:
By the way, I have some of these brackets that I used last year. They're great.

M. Slater:
Brackets looked like jewelry.

R. Woytowich:
Love the product and customer service.

J. Barfett:
Thanks again for supplying a great product line.

DRB Innovators, LLC is a Connecticut based company created with the purpose to standardize a boat framing system that would help power boat and sailboat owners in the assembly and setup of their boat cover or shrink wrap frames. Using our unique stainless steel framing bracket, our boat framing system makes easy work of preparing your motor boat or sailboat for winterization. In addition to adjustable framing and mounting bracket, our line of stainless steel marine hardware, boating products and accessories can be used for a vaiety of applications, including: Flag Pole Holder, Cup Holder, Drink Holder, Solar Panel Mounting, Dockline Holder, Horseshoe Buoy Holder, Light Holder, GPS Mount, Antenna Mount, etc.